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OpticalDriveStatus 1

I don't know if are you still using an optical drive, but me at least (instead of the fact that lately it's increasingly less used), still using one and will for a while. Since the first time I started to use Rainmeter, I always wanted to check the status of my DVD drive, wanting to know if its tray is open or closed and in this last case, if it either has or not a disk inserted. Over the years, I wrote a few skins trying to check this, with more or less succes. The task has been shown to be difficult, until finally I succeeded writing a such plugin: the OpticalDriveStatus, which I present right now.
So, this plugin does two things: checks the status of the drive tray. In plus, if the drive has a disk inserted, it extracts the icon of the disk, if it has one.

The content of the skin package:

• A skin, which can show the status of your drive (OpticalDriveTray.ini). The skin also can be used to open / close the drive (by clicking the icon of the drive). Also, if a disk is inserted, it'll show the label of it and if it has one, its icon. If the disk has no icon, the skin will show a generic icon, different for data disk and audio CD.
When you're hovering the mouse over the skin, in its right side two buttons will be shown: first will close the skin, while the second will open the Settings (see below).

• A Settings skin (this will be loaded first time when you install the skin), which can be used to set the letter of the drive you want to use the skin with. In this skin, only the optical drives will be accessible, as a dropdown list (yes, this menu will have so many elements as many optical drives are installed into the system - in most cases, one single). If the drive permit this, you also can set a time to automatically close the tray. This isn't available on most laptops, but usually it is on desktops.

• The plugin itself, in both (x86 and x64) versions.

• The nircmd.exe file, used to open / close the drive.

• During its use, the plugin will create an ico file into the temporary folder (%TEMP%). This icon is used by the skin.

I wrote the plugin in C++.

In the development of this plugin I got a lot of help from theAzack9. Many thanks to him.

This skin shows the Sunrise/Sunset, respectively the Moonrise / Moonset for current day. Important is that these information aren't downloaded from internet (as many skins does), they are calculated offline by two lua scripts, based on geographical coordinates and date. These scripts are not mine, I've downloaded them, many thanks to the developers.
The skin also shows the current icon of the Sun and Moon (How is visible the Sun over the horizont and the aproximative phase of the Moon).
When you install the skin, first a Settings tool is loaded. Using it you can set your location (important, without this step, the skin won't work!). The simplest way to do this is to click to the Detect button (it appears just when your IP address is determined and shown). With this button, the skin will (try to) detect your country, city and the geographical coordinates (the latitude and the longitude) and if succeed, shows them. Then you can click the OK to save them and switch to the main skin, which will show the moments of Sun/Moon rise/set.
If your IP address isn't detected, the Detect button won't appear. In such cases you can enter manually the coordinates, using the InputText plugin. If you do so, the skin will try to detect the country and the city, based on the entered geographical coordinates. If it fails, or the names are not accurate enough, you can also add/modify them manually.
The skin writes each day, the day length into the file (into the resources folder). Through the year, you can follow how this length changes.
Slideshow 5
The newest version of this skin. This one uses the ActionTimer plugin, instead of a low Update value, so it consumes less resources.

Release notes:
• Ver 2 - May 26, 2012
- Initial release (I took over the initial code from legace - that can be considered version 1)
- 3 transition effects (Fade, Stretch and Vertical Slide)
• Ver 3 - Jan 09, 2013
- Added one transition effect (Fill)
- 4 transition effects (Fade, Vertical Slide, Fill and Stretch)
- Added a Set wallpaper button
• Ver 3.1 - Apr 09, 2013
- Added a functional Previous button (which can bring back the last five previously shown images).
- Added a setting to show the name of the image with or without extension.
 Ver 4 - Jun 02, 2015 (…)
- Added three transition effects: Spin, Barn and Slide.
- 7 transition effects (Fade, Vertical slide, Fill, Stretch, Spin, Barn and Slide).
- Added a Settings and a Browse (to easily select the used folder) skin (up to the version 3.1, the Settings tool was an exe, now it's ini).
- Added a Copy the image name to clipboard button.
- Created the new config structure (using the resource folder).
• Ver 4.1 - Dec 01, 2015 (…)
- Added five transition effects: Push out, Shape, Pixelize, Blinds and Random Bars
- 12 transition effects.
- The unnecessary measures are disabled while the skin is running.
- Modified the Copy image name button, to copy the whole path and filename, not just the filename.
- Added the Release notes panel to the Settings tool.
• Ver: 5 - Nov 07, 2016 (current)
- Completely rewrote code. Now it uses the ActionTimer plugin and so, the skin uses much less resources.
- Update set to the default 1000.
- Added a setting to show or hide the image name.
- Rewritten Next button, to not refresh the skin, but to bring a new image, according to the settings.
- Added a button to open the image containing folder, with the proper image selected. Redesigned buttons panel.
- Added a setting to show / hide the Gloss effect on the images.

Comments are welcomed.
CoverVisualizer 1
This is a visualizer skin, which is using the cover returned by the (supported) media player app.
The installer will install the needed ImageSize plugin (if it's not installed yet).
After install, a Settings tool is loaded (you can reload it anytime clicking to the wrench on the right down corner of the skin). Here you have to set the desired player. You can do it in two ways:
  • open the media player, then click the Detect button. The skin will find which player is open and will choose it from the dropdown menu
  • you can choose manually from that menu.
After this, the skin can also be used to control the media player. It has a sliding volume setting and another, same way sliding position setting (the two red dots - but you can also click, to set their position). Clicking to the position and/or duration indicators (near the title and artist), will toggle between the left time, and the duration.
And finally clicking the cover (or the bars) you can set the visualizer style: horizontal, vertical bars or none of them.

Comments would be welcomed.
Battery 1
This is a simple skin, to can follow the status of the battery. I tried it on both: a laptop and a desktop (this last one with a UPS).
The skin itself just shows the battery level.
dvo helped my with some image processing. Thanks, dvo.


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jumper-Art Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2016  Professional
Thank you for all the help you've given with Rainmeter. I appreciate it very much. I would still be out in the weeds somewhere if left to my own :)
lf Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks again for all your help! Greetings from Croatia! :)