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Slideshow 5 by balazslaci Slideshow 5 by balazslaci
The newest version of this skin. This one uses the ActionTimer plugin, instead of a low Update value, so it consumes less resources.

Release notes:
• Ver 2 - May 26, 2012
- Initial release (I took over the initial code from legace - that can be considered version 1)
- 3 transition effects (Fade, Stretch and Vertical Slide)
• Ver 3 - Jan 09, 2013
- Added one transition effect (Fill)
- 4 transition effects (Fade, Vertical Slide, Fill and Stretch)
- Added a Set wallpaper button
• Ver 3.1 - Apr 09, 2013
- Added a functional Previous button (which can bring back the last five previously shown images).
- Added a setting to show the name of the image with or without extension.
 Ver 4 - Jun 02, 2015 (…)
- Added three transition effects: Spin, Barn and Slide.
- 7 transition effects (Fade, Vertical slide, Fill, Stretch, Spin, Barn and Slide).
- Added a Settings and a Browse (to easily select the used folder) skin (up to the version 3.1, the Settings tool was an exe, now it's ini).
- Added a Copy the image name to clipboard button.
- Created the new config structure (using the resource folder).
• Ver 4.1 - Dec 01, 2015 (…)
- Added five transition effects: Push out, Shape, Pixelize, Blinds and Random Bars
- 12 transition effects.
- The unnecessary measures are disabled while the skin is running.
- Modified the Copy image name button, to copy the whole path and filename, not just the filename.
- Added the Release notes panel to the Settings tool.
• Ver: 5 - Nov 07, 2016 (current)
- Completely rewrote code. Now it uses the ActionTimer plugin and so, the skin uses much less resources.
- Update set to the default 1000.
- Added a setting to show or hide the image name.
- Rewritten Next button, to not refresh the skin, but to bring a new image, according to the settings.
- Added a button to open the image containing folder, with the proper image selected. Redesigned buttons panel.
- Added a setting to show / hide the Gloss effect on the images.

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